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Oct 21

The iron law of Google local search (or why second page doesn’t cut it).

Most business owners are too busy to take note of various studies around search engine rankings.

But the one takeaway finding from these studies that no small business can afford to miss is just how a massive 73 per cent of all clicks go to those sites or businesses on the first page of results for any search term and almost all of these go to the top five slots.

The other thing to remember is there is an exponential decline in the number of click from the first spot to the second and so on. To strip the technicality out of this, it simply means that second spot gets roughly half the clicks that top spot and third spot gets half as much again.

Click through rate of Google search results

Click through rate of Google search results

In real terms, what this means is if you are languishing on the second page and wondering why the phone is not ringing or customers aren’t hitting your site or coming, it is likely that your profile on Google search is simply not strong enough.

That’s why at The Clean Slate we aim to hit the top five spot for “tattoo removal” searches in all the cities in which we have pages. Hit us up if you want a guaranteed top five or top ten ranking for tattoo removal searches in your area – ask about our discount Spring pricing and get yourself listed on Australia’s top tattoo removal resource.

And don’t forget to share this post if you know fellow small businesses that would benefit from knowing the iron rule of Google search.

For clinics that want to boost their rankings and win lots of new customers we can offer top five rankings in:

The Central Coast

And top 10 rankings in:

The Sunshine Coast
With more cities coming soon.

* Our Melbourne and Sydney pages are completely full

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