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Tattoo removal Parramatta

tattoo removal ParramattaTattoo removal Parramatta is here. The great news for residents of the Parramatta region is that tattoo removal is booming in western Sydney. Right here on our site - The Clean Slate - you will find Parramatta's best tattoo removal clinics. For all your tattoo removal Parramatta needs - including laser tattoo removal and tattoo removal services at the lowest price - please contact any of these three superior providers.

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For more information about laser tattoo removal in Parramatta or anywhere else in Australia, follow the links in the menu to get to our FAQs page for details on the cost and methods of tattoo removal and what laser surgery involves. Wikipedia also gives a great outline of the the science behind laser surgery for those who are curious.

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Parramatta clinic 1

12 Dean St Parramatta, NSW 2150

02 4325 1773

Parramatta clinic 2

65 Railway Avenue Parramatta, NSW 2150

02 4325 1771

Parramatta clinic 3

78 Clarke St Parramatta, NSW 2150

02 4325 1273
Then there's this guy's experience on getting some of his many tattoos removed! It's a great video and he breaks it down quite nicely into how he choose a clinic and what the experience of laser surgery was like. This bloke says he didn't know anything about the tattoo removal procedure at the start so it's good video for people new to laser surgery to watch.
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