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Mar 18

Ballarat’s best tattoo removal choices

Ballarat’s best tattoo removal choices

Let’s face it– we all make mistakes in our lives at different points. As tattoos become more and more common and socially acceptable in today’s society, the likelihood of putting questionable artwork on your body has increased. As you prepare for outdoor fun in the sun in the beautiful city of Ballarat this year, do not let a tattoo blunder from your past rear its ugly head. Luckily for all of us who have taken the plunge, the various options available around town make tattoo removal Ballarat simple, effective, and affordable.

Visit Unblemished Skin and Laser Clinic located at 1249 Howitt Street. This sleek and trendy cosmetic studio promises excellent results when it comes to vanishing those unsightly pieces of body art. Although prices are a bit higher, Unblemished Skin and Laser Clinic boasts amazing results. Utilizing the advanced Q-Switch mode (a technique that claims to minimize heat damage and scarring of your skin), the clinic manages to stay up to date and on the cutting edge of the latest tattoo removal procedures.

Finally, if you prefer a professional medical setting for your tattoo removal needs, you need not looking further than Ballarat Dermatology. Situated at 13th Lyons Street, the clinic is a subsidiary of the Western Dermatology group with practices in Werribee, Richmond, and Ballarat for your convenience. Like other tattoo removal clinics throughout the city, Ballarat Dermatology also utilizes a variation of the Q-Switch laser named Pastelle. This advanced technology not only minimizes the amount of time the laser hits your body, but also gradually reduces the recovery time after a removal session.

Remember to always do your research and homework as tattoo removal is a huge step. Never visit a clinic for tattoo removal Ballarat that is not professionally or medically qualified as infections and damaged skin can be extremely dangerous. Life is short and should be enjoyed with the option of beautiful artwork covering your body.

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