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Jul 8

Counting down the world’s 10 worst tattoos

We have all seen some rubbish tattoos in our time, but for the truly awful, the team here at The Clean Slate put our heads together to come up a with nice top ten for you. Suggestions welcome for a future repost. Maybe we can come up with a dirty dozen.

rat boy tattoo
I have no idea what this person is trying to convey with this tattoo. Are they trying to show a baby carrying a rat like a cat? This this supposed to be a statement on how society treats pets like children? Did they tattoo artist misunderstand the person when they asked for the tattoo? Or was someone high? I’m thinking someone was high.


Tattoos that support a company are generally a terrible idea, since unless a person is getting paid, it’s like that person is advertising for a company without getting paid. And to choose a fast food franchise to represent on your hands makes even less sense. Here’s hoping this guy gets asked to leave a Del Taco in the near future.

misspelled tattoo im awesome
Tattoos promoting yourself or your abilities are usually suspect, but misspelling your greatness really takes the terrible to a new level.


Getting a picture of a product tattooed on your body is always a rather extreme choice. After all, you are associating that product with your being and your lifestyle. So what does this tattoo of cheap canned meat say about this person?

Rubbish tattoo
Speaking of extreme tattoos, it’s always a good idea to use spell check before you tell someone to tattoo something on your body. Trust us, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Rubbish tattoo
This tattoo seems well done, but a roll of toilet paper is a very, very questionable decision. Are they worried that they will run out?

boob tattoo
I can just imagine this guy is a riot during job interviews. His mother must be so proud of him.


This is no way to memorialize a music legend. If you’re going to get a person’s image tattooed on your back, spend the money for a great tattoo artist. At least everything is spelled correctly.

ad tattoo
Free advertising for products is always a terrible idea, and this tattoo is no exception. What absolutely puts this tattoo over the top to be an absolutely awful tattoo is that Skittles are in no way sexy. Like not at all.


And finally, the number one worst tattoo. Getting a tattoo that incorporates your belly button is bad enough, but to have a tattoo that shows a monkey getting an anal probe by another monkey is just embarrassing. What did poor monkeys ever do to this person to deserve having them tattooed like this on their stomach?

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