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Here on The Clean Slate blog you will find the latest news and developments on tattoo removal in Australia. Industry news, discount offers, technological breakthroughs, questions and answers about the tattoo removal process ... you'll find it all here on the Clean Slate blog. Let's keep the conversation going. We love to hear your views and experiences with tattoo removal, so don't hesitate to comment on any of the posts below of email us via our contact us page. We reply to all genuine emails received, so if you want to advertise with us, or are seeking information about anything tattoo removal related, drop us a line.
Oct 21

The iron law of Google local search (or why second page doesn’t cut it).

Most business owners are too busy to take note of various studies around search engine rankings. But the one takeaway finding from these studies that no small business can afford to miss is just how a massive 73 per cent of all clicks go to those sites or businesses on the first page of results […]

Sep 25

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Remember when you decided there was nothing you wanted more in the world than a tattoo? You wore it proudly like a badge of honor and for a long time, you were happy with it. Unfortunately, now that you’re older, you are having second thoughts about it and would like to have it removed. Sure, […]

Sep 7

Spring Sale – get listed with The Clean Slate free

Spring Sale – get listed with The Clean Slate free

The sun’s out and it’s time to begin our month-long massive Spring Sale. We are looking to add 10 more clinics to Australia’s top tattoo removal directory in the next four weeks. Contact us for FREE month-long listings in most locations and check out our spring special pricing in a range of cities including Adelaide, […]

Jul 8

Counting down the world’s 10 worst tattoos

Counting down the world’s 10 worst tattoos

We have all seen some rubbish tattoos in our time, but for the truly awful, the team here at The Clean Slate put our heads together to come up a with nice top ten for you. Suggestions welcome for a future repost. Maybe we can come up with a dirty dozen. #10 RAT BOY I […]